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Welcome to Canada Snows e-commerce! We want it to be as simple and convenient as possible for you to shop. Here we have gathered all information in one place regarding purchases, payments, deliveries and returns.

If you are in need of further assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer Service:

Mail: kundtjanst@canadasnow.com

Opening hours Customer Service:

Mon-Fri: 8 am - 17 pm

Sat & Sun: Closed

Canada Snow is a concept acquired by the Scorett Group.

How to shop

Once you've found a product that you want, click on it for a more detailed description, and the opportunity to see more photos. Once you have found a product that you want to buy, select the desired size and press the "Buy Now" button. If you would like more than one of the same items, add another one to your shopping cart. When you're done with your purchases, go to the checkout as illustrated by a shopping cart icon in the top right corner. Before you complete your purchase, you can choose to remove items or change the quantity in the shopping cart. On the payment page, select your payment method and complete your order. All deliveries are made with Posten MyPack. Once you have completed your purchase, you will see the order confirmation on your screen and this will be sent to the specified email address.


All prices are in SEK and are inclusive of 25% VAT. Promotional prices apply as long as the stock is sufficient, unless otherwise stated. We reserve ourselves for possible printing errors in texts.

Age limit

You must be 18 years of age or older to shop at Canada Snows e-commerce.


Shopping in Canada Snow’s e-commerce is easy and secure. You can always find a payment method that suits you. You can choose to pay by invoice, card, direct payment via your bank or installment. Learn more about the different payment options below. We cooperate with Klarna for all payments.


You can pay with Visa and Mastercard. No extra charge is applied on card payments. In connection with ordering, the amount is reserved. When the goods are shipped from our warehouse, the money will be deducted from your account. If any item ordered turns out to be out of stock, you will not be charged for this product. We offer 3D Secure /SecureCode which is a safer solution for those who pay by card. This means that you must enter a personal code before the purchase is completed. If your card purchase is denied due to this, select invoice payment all. direct payment bank or contact your bank to activate 3D Secure. Only cards issued in Sweden are approved.


You can choose to pay via invoice, meaning you can get your shoes home and try them in peace and quiet before you pay. We collaborate with Klarna who manages our invoices. The invoice will be sent by e-mail when the product has been packed. The invoice shall be paid within 30 days, calculated from the order date. If payment has not been received within this time, a written payment reminder will be sent. A statutory reminder fee of 50 kr will also be issued. In case of late payment, default interest will be paid at the applicable reference rate with a supplement of 24%. For your own safety, purchase with invoice is only delivered to your registered post address. When ordering with Klarna as payment method, your registered post address will automatically appear, and cannot be changed. Never approve a purchase with the wrong address! The address is taken from Klarnas register, so please contact Klarna if the address is incorrect. In that case, they update their address network, and it will appear directly on the purchase page. In the case of purchases made with invoice or partial payment, a credit report may be made, the credit reporting company is then required to send a copy each time such information is made to a private individual. Klarna undertakes to be validated in accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ("PCI DSS").

If a return is desired, Klarna should be contacted to avoid a reminder being sent out. Please note that your invoice must be paid even if your delivery is subject to a reclaim. When the reclaim is processed, a refund will be made. In case of partial return, the item (s) returned must be deducted from the invoice. It is the original invoice to be paid, no new invoice is sent out. If you have questions about your invoice, want to cancel the invoice due to return, or temporarily want to move forward the invoice expiration date, you can do this via Klarnas website that you will find here. You can also contact Klarna via email info@klarna.se or reach their customer service at 08-120 120 10.

Partial payment via Klarna Account

You can also choose to pay at your own pace with the Klarna account. You choose how much you want to pay, at least 50 kr or 1/24 of the total amount. You can choose to pay off the full amount at any time. Payments are handled by Klarna AB. All month's purchases are compiled on an invoice sent out at the beginning of the following month. In the case of purchases made with invoice or partial payment, a credit report may be made, the credit reporting company is then required to file a copy every time such information is made to a private individual. For Klarna account, a monthly interest rate of 19.9% ​​applies and an aviation fee of 29 kr per issued avi. In the case of invoice and account purchases, a credit report is made and a copy of the information may be sent to your national registration address. You can get answers to questions about your invoice and more information about the Klarna account here. You can also contact Klarna by e-mail info@klarna.se or reach Klarnas customer service via phone 08-120 120 10. When ordering with Klarna as payment method, your national registration address will automatically appear and cannot be changed. Never accept a purchase with the wrong address! The address is taken from Klarnas register, so contact Klarna if the address is incorrect. In that case, they update their address book, and it appears directly on the purchase page. In case of partial return, the item (s) returned must be deducted from the invoice. The original invoice to be paid, no new invoice is sent out at partial returns.


You always have 14 days of withdrawal rights in our e-commerce. If you are not satisfied with anything you ordered, you can return your item to our store. As a customer, you have the right to get your money back within 14 days from the date we received your return. See the "Delivery, Replacements and Returns" section for more information on replacements and returns.

Out of stock

We reserve ourselves for the event of out of stock sales and incorrect stock balances. When you place an order, the item you selected will be placed in the shopping cart. However, another customer may at the same time complete a purchase with the same product. If there are not enough items in stock, your item may no longer be in your shopping cart when you get to the payment stage.

We reserve ourselves for possible printing errors in texts, prices and product information. We cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on your screen exactly match the product in reality, since color reproduction may depend on your individual screen setting.

Personal information

The Scorett Group (which acquires Canada Snow) handles all personal information in a correct and controlled manner so that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. We comply with the Data Protection Regulation GDPR, and the personal information provided for purchase is only used to administer your purchase. For more information on secure payments, see the Payment section.

When you place your order with us, you must provide your personal information, such as name, address and telephone number. In cases where you choose to pay via invoice or partial payment, you also need to enter your social security number. In connection with your registration and order, you agree that we store and use your information in order to fulfill transportation, payment and billing. Please note that we must forward your personal information to our payment broker DIBS, our invoice partner Klarna and our logistics partner to fulfill their obligations.

You are entitled to receive the information we have registered about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the information be corrected. You are always entitled to request that information about you be deleted without any special reason. Read our privacy policy here.

Changes and reclamations

We are responsible that goods are delivered in a non-defective condition. Should the product be defective or defective when it arrives, customer service must be contacted before the product is returned. An injury shall be notified within a reasonable time of the discovery of the damage. Any transport damage should be noted in connection with the extradition. A transport damage is treated in the same way as other complaints. In the event of a valid complaint, no return postage will be charged and any shipping and invoice fees associated with the purchase will be refunded. Complaints are notified by phone or mail to customer service. Please attach a picture. The Scorett Group follows the Distance Trade Act and the recommendations of the Swedish Complaints Board.

If your claim for damage has been rejected, but you claim that the decision is incorrect, we refer you to file a case with ARN (www.arn.se Box 174, 10123 Stockholm). ARN or the General Complaints Board takes independent decisions in, among other things, complaints. Scorett Footwear AB always cooperates in the case of any disputes with ARN, and always adheres to ARN's decision.

Trygg e-handel

Trygg e-handel is a certification for e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies are companies that sell goods and services through an online store. There are a large number of players who sell goods and services online in Sweden, and most are serious. However, in order to protect your personal information and other sensitive information, it is important that you as a customer know who you provide the information to. You may also want to be assured that the company will deliver goods within the agreed time, and that you will be able to get help after the purchase if something would be wrong.


The certification Trygg e-handels purpose is to help you as a consumer to choose the best e-commerce companies when you shop so that you feel safe and secure even after you have pressed ”buy.” Trygg e-handels goal is to make it as safe and secure to shop online as in the regular, phyiscal store.

When you shop from a company that has the Trygg E-handel certification, it means that the company is bound by a contract to comply with a number of requirements. Only stable and serious e-commerce companies have the right to carry the Trygg E-handel certification.

Trygg e-handels requirements are designed to make you, as a consumer, aware of and take advantage of your rights when shopping online. Among other things, it is required that the company be clear with its identity, have secure personal data management procedures, use secure payment solutions and have a stable economy. See the complete list of Safe e-commerce requirements here.


Swedish Digital Trade verifies that the requirements are followed by the certified companies through credit checks, sample purchases and investigations in case of suspicion of deficiencies. To give you extra security, Trygg e-handel accepts complaints from you as a consumer. If you complain about a company that is certified via Trygg e-handel and it appears that the company acted incorrectly / contrary to the requirements, the company gets a "dot" in our registry. In case of serious deficiencies, the certification can be revoked with immediate effect. All in all, you as a consumer can be sure that only serious companies carry the Trygg e-handel symbol.

For your safety, canadasnow.com is encrypted with SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a type of electronic credential, through which a certificate of credentials can be made to see who holds it. SSL certificates are used to secure a server, such as a web server or a mail server.