Alpine adventures with Johanna and Stefan


Meet Johanna and Stefan, two swedish professional kitesurfers exploring the norweigan wilderness while talking about their passion for kitesurfing and alpine landscapes. Fully equipped in Canada Snows shoes, clothes and accessories to keep warm and dry against the winters changing weather conditions.

It's no secret that Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world with its fjords, forests and rocky landscapes. An environment that sparks the swedish professional kitesurfers Johanna and Stefans common love for the mountains. The couple shares the interests of skiing, go mountain biking and hiking. Sometimes the climate can be cold in the mountains, this and the fact that they both grew up in a cold climate has made both Stefan and Johanna experts in knowing how to dress warm and still look good during the winters.

Living the biggest part of her life in a small town in Sweden, Johanna has always been close to nature. The visit to the Norwegian mountains and the fact that she nowadays spends a lot of time in the ranges of Austria together with her boyfriend Stefan, reminds her of childhood memories in the alps.

The rocky norweigan landscape mesmerizes Stefan who grew up in the alpine foothills of Austria. One of his favorite austrian places is the small lake Langbathensee, located in Austria’s elevated land close to his home.

Becoming a kite surfer

Johanna has always had the ocean close to her heart. She grew up sailing with her family in the small town Varberg in Sweden, taking the step to try kitesurfing was therefore easy. She started catching waves at the age of 18, and was very determined to become good at it. Last year Johanna competed in the GKA Kite World Tour, which she’s also participating in this year. Her tip to anyone who wants to become good at kiteboarding is to spend as much time as possible in the water. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

"- To become a professional kitesurfer you’ll need a determined mindset and a passion for the sport. Exploring new terrain is a big part of the thrill seekers lifestyle" says Johanna.

In Stefans hometown kitesurfing was the thing everyone wanted to do. At the age of 16 Stefan, who had already been windsurfing a couple of years, took the next step and started kitesurfing. His friend showed him how it was done and on the third day he was already doing jumps. When he finished school, Stefan wanted a break from the studies. He took a year off and spent a lot of time kitesurfing. At the end of the year he’d become so good that it didn’t take long before he became the Austrian champion in kitesurfing 2009. His 1-year break from studies turned into a 10 year hiatus during which he’s mainly been competing in freestyle kiteboarding all over the world.

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