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 Canada Snow Get a grip

Quality and function are the fundamental components of our brand. Therefore they form the basis of our Get a Grip Collection, a product range designed to provide a better grip on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow. Due to the winter’s challenging weather we have studied and developed two different techniques aimed to achieve the ultimate grip, which are customized based on different usages.

  Diamond nonslip grip

This sole-technology is an Icelandic innovation, developed and design for Slippery Conditions. The Diamond anti-slip granules are impregnated into rubber soles that greatly increase grip in wet and slippery conditions, all year around. We love the fact that as he soles wear down new layers of granules appear to maintain better grip. This applies to wet, slippery and icy surfaces – wherever dangerous conditions could lead to accidents by slipping, tripping or falling. The great thing with this construction is that due to the fact that the granules is impregnated to the rubber sole you can walk inside with it without scracthing the floor or hear the clinking of spikes. This sole provides safety in harsh conditions, and either you just walking in icy enviromment or pushing boundrys through sport this is the ultimate protection. At Canada Snow we encourage a Active lifestyle – and this is the perfect Construction to provide just that even in challenging weather conditions.

  Alpi system

The Alpi System is for those days when you wake up and are on your way out, and you acknowledge that its Ice cold outside, Icy, Snow or just wet. Then you just fold out the Sprigs Grip and go on safe with your day. This Sole has an easy function, you just fold out the sprigs on your shoe with a key that come salong with the shoes. Its a really easy way to stay safe, and to not let the weather challenge you. Important is that you use the attached key. This is the perfect sole for Snow, as the sprigs give you a firm grip when your walk. And if the weather changes drastically then you just fold in the sprigs and carry on.