Mount Meer


The wait is finally over! With a brand new chunky outsole of premium rubber we are now introducing: Mount Meer curling boots from Canada Snow

The best winter boots are the ones you can pair with a variety of outfits. Wear them while wandering through the snowy streets or while holiday shopping in the city. 

Mount Meer Beige Suede 2.500:- treated with Bionic Finish, repellent from water and dirt. Available in two colours, including black and beige. Discover the collection below to see our roundup of the best practical and fashionable boots to get you through the winter with style!


Mount Meer Beige Suede 2.500:-
Mount Meer Black Suede 2.500:-
Mount Meer Zip 2.600:-
Mount Meer Moon Boots 2.600:-

Choose between beige or black premium suede or black leather. Lined with geniune sheepskin to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. The insole is 4-layerd with several heat-insulating layers such as cork, thinsulate, aliminium and sheepskin. Outsole of three different materials to get a lighter weight, despite the chunky sole. Lower part made of premium rubber and a coarser structure for anti-slip function to keep you on your feet all winter. Which one is your favourite?

Mount Meer Black Suede 2.500:- Black suede curling boots with treated Bionic Finish to keep the shoe repellent from water and dirt. Middle part in lightweight materials such as TR and EVA.

Do not let freezing temperature or snow keep you confined indoors. Dress warm, comfortable and stylish this and many winters ahead!