Discover the Premium Curling

Köp Toronto Premium varmfodrade Curlingboots från Canada Snow

The iconic Toronto Premium Curling Boot from Canada Snow were originally made in 2010 to give life to the ultimate curling boot. With that said, this curling boot is premium in the sense that all materials should be the absolute best one can get. The outer sole is an ingenious idea that is made up of several different components, one of which is an organic cork for optimal thermal insulation. The shoe is then sealed with natural rubber which is a living natural material. Underneath, the sole has a rubber blend that provides perfect grip and anti-slip function. The premium quality suede provide a stylish and elegant look. The suede is also treated with a water repellant, which is also dirt repellent. The inside of the curling boots is heat insulating thanks to its inner lining in genuine organic sheepskin wool.

Toronto Premium is characterized by an elegant and excellent design all within the limits of organic thinking and standard. Stylish, functional and eye-catching. The combination of heat and a light weight feel make it possible for the versatility. These curling boots work equally well during a sunny day in the mountains, as for walk during a cold fall evening.

Toronto Premium was developed to handle high expectations and rough weather, where performance counts in every detail, it is therefore suitable for a variety of conditions. The water-repellent, warm-lined material and premium-based sole design ensure protection when the weather conditions fluctuate.

Toronto Premium's stylish design creates a perfect match for a city person with an active lifestyle. The looks, as well as its heat insulating properties makes it perfect to care for your feet when you need it. Why should you choose between looking good and being warm?

At Canada Snow, we love nature and our planet - therefore, we always have the environment in mind in everything we do. Toronto Premium's sole construction is therefore loaded with ecological aspects, such as cork and natural rubber. Featuring organic sheepskin wool, Toronto Premium keeps you warm inside during the winter’s varied weather. Simply, a handsome organic craftsmanship, which ensures style and function while staying on point with the trend factor.