Our Animal Welfare Policy


We believe in animal welfare and are striving to ensure that all products originated from animals are produced in accordance with the Five Freedoms of the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

1. Leather, Suede & Nubuck must originate from animals bred for meat production.

2. Fur is not allowed in accordance with the Fur Free Alliance Retailer Program. This does not include sheepskin where the animal has been bred for meat production.

3. Down & Feathers must originate from slaughtered birds bred for meat production. Down and feathers must not originate from farms practicing live plucking or force feeding.

4. Animal Hair & Wool – Only hair from living and domesticated animals is allowed. Hair and wool must not originate from animals that have been handled, harvested or sheared in a way that harmed the animals.

5. Mulesing (Merino) Wool must not originate from sheep that have been subject to mulesing or from farms which practice mulesing.