Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Canada Snow is a concept acquired by the Scorett Group. We at Scorett Footwear AB are pleased that you are interested in our privacy policy. In this policy you will find out what a personal data is, what and the extent to which personal data is gathered and for what purpose the collection takes place. This is because your privacy is important to us at Scorett Footwear AB and to make you feel safe with how we treat your personal information.

Data Controller

Scorett Footwear AB (556350-7747), Härdgatan 22-24, 432 32 Varberg, is the responsible data controller of your personal information. For questions concerning our privacy policy, you can reach us by email

What is personal data?

Personal data is all information directly or indirectly attributable to a physical person, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. There can also be pictures and sound recordings that are processed on a computer, even though no names are mentioned. In addition, encrypted data and various types of electronic identities, such as IP-numbers, are also classified as personal data if they can be attributed to physical persons.

Why do we collect personal data?

In the next section, you will be able to understand why and what personal data we process depending on what you do on our website. In order to make it easier for you to read our Privacy Policy, we have chosen to divide the sections into different parts of our website and how they treat your personal information.

What personal data do we collect for orders/purchases?

When you order/buy goods from us, we need to process personal information. The purpose of processing personal data is to enable us to deliver ordered / purchased goods / goods to you, including delivery or contact details regarding delivery. In order to deliver an ordered / purchased item / goods, we need to process names, payment information (such as transaction reference, transaction date), order information (for example, which item ordered or if the item is delivered to a specific address), contact details such as address, E mail address, phone number and possibly Club Solemate membership.

In order for us to handle payments of ordered / purchased goods / goods, we also process social security numbers. This because we have to be able to make an identification by social security number and thus can make an age check. Personal data is also needed to enable us to handle the payment made in connection with the order / purchase and thus know which payment solutions we can offer.

The above-mentioned personal data are also processed to ensure that we can best handle returns of ordered / purchased goods / goods. They are also needed to handle complaints and warranty issues.

Legal basis: Completion of purchase agreement.

Which personal data do we collect from job applications?

When you apply for a job on our website, we ask you to provide personal information (name, social security number, sex and contact details such as e-mail address, telephone number and address) and your CV (CV in electronic form, such as a PDF or Word- file) and your personal letter (for example, a PDF or Word file with a free text of your skills and skills). Your resume can also be extracted from your LinkedIn Profile or Monster Profile. We may also collect a personal image and other documents, but this is completely optional. In most applications, we also ask you to answer a number of selection questions in the application form, via free text questions, grade questions or alternative questions, as well as a personality test.

The purpose of collecting personal data is that we will be able to make a fair and best assessment of you in a job application. Trying to understand you, your career goals and how well they match the available service you are looking for is important to us. The purpose is also to be able to get in touch with you before, during and after the recruitment process.

The personal information you provide for your application for a vacant job will only be processed and will be viewed by the HR department and the nearest manager. They will not be disclosed or sold to third parties. If agreed, we will save your personal data for 2 years to fulfill any legal obligations and consequences.

Legal basis: Consent.

Which personal data do we collect via contact forms?

As a visitor to our website, there are several ways to contact us. By contact form, you can contact us regarding the vast majority of cases such as orders, complaints, Club Solemate or otherwise with the accompanying message in free text. Personal data collected via contact form is the name, e-mail address and any social security number / organization number (optional).

The personal data provided are intended to be processed to provide the requested information or request made through the contact form. In some cases where you contact us via contact form, less personal information is required and in other cases, more is required. We do not collect more personal information than necessary in each case.

Legal basis: Interest balance. The processing is necessary in order for us to respond to your request.

Which personal data is collected about you as a member in Club Solemate and why?

We collect and process personal data for members of Club Solemate to ensure that the requirements of our member terms are met in the form of age, social security number and a distribution address. This personal data are used to create a login profile where the calculation and registration of the bonus points generated in connection with your purchases can be administered, both by you and by us. They are also required for updating address details, in order to ensure that any mail by mail is not sent to the wrong address. We also collect e-mail address and phone number to provide you with personal and general offers, benefits, discounts, invitations to membership evenings, gifts or other direct marketing.

The information we receive from you is saved and used only by us and our partners to provide you with even better service and offers. As long as you make at least one purchase during a calendar year, you will receive offers. We store information about your purchases and, together with partners, it analyzes the information. We will never share or sell the information to third parties. The storage period for personal data is until membership is terminated by an active election of the member or if the membership is abused.

Legal basis: Consent.

Data automatically collected by us when you visit our website

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored on your computer or mobile device and contains information that helps the site identify the visitor.

There are two main types of cookies and uses both types.

Type 1: Saves a file permanently on your device, these are used to measure how visitors is navigating on the website.

Type 2: called "Session Cookies". While you are in and visiting the site, our web server shares a unique identification string to not interfere with other visitors. A "Session Cookie" is never permanently stored on your computer. The cookie disappears when you close your browser.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to maximize a site's features and thereby improve the shopping experience for you as a customer. With the help of cookies, for example, the site can keep track of the items you have placed in the shopping cart.

If you wish to refrain from using cookies, it will be disabled in your browser's security settings. The procedure varies depending on which browser you have. However, this means that the functionality of the website is limited.

Read more about cookies on Post och Telestyrelsens website -

Storage of personal data

The processing of personal data is in accordance with current legislation and means that the storage of personal data does not take place for a longer period than is necessary in view of the purpose of the processing. In practice, it means that personal data is analyzed and deleted when they are no longer relevant or necessary for analysis, direct marketing or the purpose and purpose for which they have been collected. We always observe high level of security and confidentiality in the processing of personal data.

Sharing and transfer of personal data

We may transfer personal data for necessary processing to other companies that Scorett Footwear AB cooperates with, for example, in payment solutions, marketing, transportation or contact form. When your personal information is shared with our partners, the data will be processed according to our instructions and according to the Personal Data Entry Agreement.

We may by law be forced to provide personal data to government agencies such as the Police or the Tax Agency and we will then meet these requirements.

You are entitled to access

You are entitled to get information about what information Scorett Footwear AB has about you in the form of a registry extract. You may also request that we correct incorrect information or delete information about you. You are also entitled to withdraw your consent for processing your personal information. We will then delete all the personal information associated with you from our systems.

However, we reserve the right not to comply with any request for deletion in cases where legal obligations prevent us from this. There may be obligations to fulfill the legal obligations to which we are subject or to determine, make or defend legal claims.

You are entitled to correction

You are entitled to request that we correct your personal information if these are incorrect. You are also entitled within the stated purpose to supplement personal data if these are incomplete. If you are a member of Club Solemate, you can correct or complete your information on your member page.

You are entitled to limitation

You are entitled to limit the personal data stored with us in accordance with the statutory terms. This means that we will not collect more personal information than is necessary to fulfill the purpose and to ensure that it is fulfilled.

You are entitled to data portability

If you agree with our consent that we process your personal information, you are entitled to receive the information relating to you and handed over to another data collection person.

Contact at request for registry extract/change/delete data and other questions regarding personal data

If you have any questions or want to know more about how we handle personal data, you are welcome to contact us at:

Name: Scorett Footwear AB

Corporate registration number: 556350-7747
Post adress: 432 32 Varberg
Visiting adress: Härdgatan 22-24
E-mail adress:

We always reserve the right to change and update our Privacy Policy to resolve any errors or to meet new technical and legal requirements. The latest version of our privacy policy is always available on our website.

Uppdated: 2018-11-14