About Canada Snow

We know cold weather, it’s a big part of our everyday lives. We have developed our range of products by studying the winds & snow. Produced with the highest quality and designed with great care using sheepskin and natural materials we provide comfort and durability to suit the weather.




Canada Snow is available online at www.scorett.se and on Scorett and Håkanssons stores.





Functional qualities of the curling boot

The inside of the curling boot is insulated with genuine lamb fur. The upper material is suede, prepared with 2-hour Scotchgard. This means that the material has a water and dirt repellent effect for up to 3 hours per usage time.


Learn more about Scotchgard on www.scotchgard.com


The outsole provides good durability and a good grip on slippery surfaces.


HEAT INSULATING LAYER The midsole is a thick rubber outsole made of rubber and cork and it’s heat insulated. The insole is heat insulated and consist of layers of Thinsulate, foil and cork.


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Curling boot in outsole suede

Our comfortable and warm curling boot is isolated with genuine sheepskin to keep your feet warm. The outside suede is covered with stylish leather details. For excellent gripping on slippery surfaces we have developed the outsole from a custom made rubber.


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Our sympatex products are water resistant and can breathe through the layer of sympatex membrane located between the upper material and liming. To enhance the water resistance further our stitches are taped and the zipper is water resistant.


Curling boot with sympatex

The curling boot with sympatex have the same functions as the original curling boot. What separates the curling boot with sympatex from the original curling boot is that the outer material is not Scotchgard but instead has a layer of Sympatexmembran.


Boots with sympatex

What distinguishes a boot with sympatex against the curling boot with sympatex is that the boot does not have a midsole with rubber and cork. The outer sole is also different. The inside of the boot is insulated with genuine sheepskin and the outside is made of suede and leather. The outsole is rubber. The insole is heat-insulating and consist of layers of Thinsulate, foil and cork. The zipper is from YKK.




Premium quality curling

Our most exclusive line of curling boots is designed with care to endure cold winters. The lining is genuine lamb fur of the best quality to keep your feet warm. The outer design of the shoe is made of suede treated with Scotchgaard for a water and dirt resistant finish. The outsole is made of natural rubber and the gripping is designed for slippery surfaces.


Our premium quality curling boot have the same thermal insulating features as the original curling boot. What separates them is that the outside is prepared with 4-hour Scotchgard. That means it has a 4-hour water and dirt repellent effect.


The premium quality curling boots is available for woman in the the colours blue, brown, beige and black.